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Determine current execution context (ASP.NET or Winforms)

October 5, 2007 LeandroDG 2 comments

I’ve searched over the internet for this and couldn’t find anything.

A method I’m working on should have a different behavior when called in a Web Application (Webforms) and a Windows Application (Winforms).

This is what I came up with, using Reflection:

	if (Assembly.GetEntryAssembly() != null)
		// Running on Winforms context
		// Running on ASP.NET context

There are probably other ways to do it, I’ve tested this one and it works great.

Update (2007-16-10):

Turns out there is an easier way to do this, just got it from a co-worker. Instead of Assembly.GetEntryAssembly() you can use HttpContext.Current, but you’ll have to be careful with threading in ASP .NET forms, as seen in (HttpContext.Current could be null while running on ASP .NET).

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