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Using Azure AppFabric Labs without servicebus.config

October 13, 2011 LeandroDG No comments

Azure has been offering a preview of possible future features for a long time now. SQL Azure has SQLAzureLabs (, and AppFabric has AppFabricLabs (

You download the latest SDK CTP for AppFabric Labs, you create an AppFabric Labs account at their portal and you can work with it inmediately… well… almost!

There’s an issue regarding the service URL, you don’t need to assign the AppFabric Services URL for it to work with production Azure AppFabric, but to work with Labs you are forced to specify it. Some information about it is available here:

It requires modifying (or creating a new one) ServiceBus.config file and drop it into your .NET Framework config directory. The problem with this approach is that it forces you to use labs in ALL your Azure AppFabric applications. And you may want to use both Labs and Production Azure AppFabric at the same time. As it says in that post, if you try to change the URL manually, you end up in this error:

AppFabric ServiceBus Error: “can’t support more than 1 level subdomain”

I read that another possibility is setting environment variables for this, so there’s an even easier way and you don’t have to go through all the config directories, which can create confusion. And when you are done with labs, you will probably run into an issue when trying to run in Azure Production environment, when you forget to delete the ServiceBus.config configuration.

So, the easy way is to put this at the beginning of your application, service, website (in global.asax), etc.:

   Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("RELAYENV", "Custom");
   Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("RELAYHOST", "");
   Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("STSHOST", "");
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Windows Azure AppFabric Labs September release: announcement and scheduled maintenance

September 15, 2010 adglopez No comments

For those of you that have been playing with AppFabric Labs, take into account the following announcement.

If you’ve been doing tests, they are letting us know that after the scheduled tasks, current configurations will not be maintained and you’ll need to backup and restore them manually.

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CodeCamp 2010 [Spanish]

September 6, 2010 adglopez 1 comment

Buenas, les dejo disponible la ppt de la charla del sábado del CodeCamp y la demo. Espero que les haya gustado, les confieso que al principio traicionaron un poco los nervios.

Pronto estaré publicando algunos posts extendiendo el site de la demo con mas funcionalidades haciendo uso de differentes features de Access Control y Service Bus. Seguramente también, algo manejo de queues en los worker roles.

También les comparto alguns links importantes para poder arrancar con una buena lectura y resolver los problemas más comunes:

Programming Guide:

El servicebus.config tienen que instalarlo según estas instrucciones para que las API estén direccionadas al AppFabric Labs, ya que por defecto usan las URL de producción.

Preparing the Local Development Environment
Si no tiene una instancia SQLEXPRESS este link les puede ayudar
Path is too long.

Cloud Computing Aplicado (1059)
Datos de la cuenta de prueba que creé para la demo (545)


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