SO-Aware Webinar on August 25, 2010

September 16, 2010 adglopez No comments

Hey everyone,

For those that don’t know what SO-Aware is, simply put, it is a Web Service Metadata Repository which supports WCF, ASMX, SOAP, JAVA, REST and OData services. You can read more about it here: (″).

For all those using SO-Aware as a replacement for UDDI, web service discovery and WSDL organization, we have a free webinar that you can view to see how to use WCF/SOAP/REST services with SO-Aware. Check it out if you have a chance. (

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Windows Azure AppFabric Labs September release: announcement and scheduled maintenance

September 15, 2010 adglopez No comments

For those of you that have been playing with AppFabric Labs, take into account the following announcement.

If you’ve been doing tests, they are letting us know that after the scheduled tasks, current configurations will not be maintained and you’ll need to backup and restore them manually.

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StreamInsight resources in MSDN and CodePlex

September 10, 2010 adglopez No comments

Hi there, today a new version of StreamInsight documentation in MSDN was deployed.

You’ll find useful and updated documentation and also you can download updated samples from codeplex, that work with the current release.

Take a look and enjoy! :)

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Two exciting announcements about SO-Aware

September 8, 2010 adglopez and LeandroDG No comments

Today we are excited to have a major announcements about SO-Aware: Our Visual Studio plug-in and a preconfigured SO-Aware Virtual Image.

SO-Aware VPC

As Pablo announced last week, now you can download a virtual pc image with SO-Aware Express fully installed and configured. This image could be used by customers that are interested on testing SO-Aware without having to request specific hardware within their organizations. The VPC image is really small and can be downloaded from the following links.

SO-Aware Visual Studio plug-in

In order to enhance the development experience with SO-Aware, we’ve just made available a Visual Studio plug-in that allows client applications to generate a WCF service reference directly from SO-Aware!!!!!!

After you install the SO-Aware plug-in, you will find a new dialog item when you right click on a Visual Studio project.

SO-Aware Visual Studio Plugin (Add Service Reference)

SO-Aware Visual Studio Plugin (Add Service Reference)

When selecting that option, you will get a new dialog box to browse a specific instance of the SO-Aware repository and select the specific service version you would like to generate a proxy for. The SO-Aware dialog box is illustrated in the following figure.

SO-Aware Visual Studio Plugin (Service Reference Dialog)

SO-Aware Visual Studio Plugin (Service Reference Dialog)

What does this means? Well, in general, you can use WCF clients with 0 CONFIGURATION AND 0 EXTRA CODE!!!!! The experiencing for consuming a completely secured WCF service will be as simple as:

private static void Test()
	CRMServiceClient service = new CRMServiceClient();
	var accounts= service.GetAccounts();

You can download the Visual Studio for SO-Aware as part of our SDK: . You can find more information about the plug-in in our product weblog:

I hope you enjoy this two new announcements. As always feel free to email us with your feedback.

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CodeCamp 2010 [Spanish]

September 6, 2010 adglopez 1 comment

Buenas, les dejo disponible la ppt de la charla del sábado del CodeCamp y la demo. Espero que les haya gustado, les confieso que al principio traicionaron un poco los nervios.

Pronto estaré publicando algunos posts extendiendo el site de la demo con mas funcionalidades haciendo uso de differentes features de Access Control y Service Bus. Seguramente también, algo manejo de queues en los worker roles.

También les comparto alguns links importantes para poder arrancar con una buena lectura y resolver los problemas más comunes:

Programming Guide:

El servicebus.config tienen que instalarlo según estas instrucciones para que las API estén direccionadas al AppFabric Labs, ya que por defecto usan las URL de producción.

Preparing the Local Development Environment
Si no tiene una instancia SQLEXPRESS este link les puede ayudar
Path is too long.

Cloud Computing Aplicado (1059)
Datos de la cuenta de prueba que creé para la demo (545)


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